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Gmail Tech Support

Gmail Help & Support

Gmail is a Google mail, it was established on April 1st, 2004. It is a free web-based email service provided by Google like as send and receive email through the internet. It was widely used for cover the long distance and to communicate one place to another place via internet facility.

Gmail has provided one people to open only two accounts only on one phone number. It has provided the number of people to connect with one organized group to important messages into a conversational thread. Considering that more than 1.5 billion people use Gmail in daily life.

Gmail is the automatically marker to mark important messages and advertising. It is more flexible platform and helps to any conversation, messages, and advertising etc.

What we provide Gmail

Gmail is the powerful platform to perform many functions and productivity with enhanced features. If you can use Gmail than some tricks and important function to used daily life.There are:

1. Gmail voices messages to another email:

If you use Gmail account than it has provided Google voice message, to get email notification and messages transcript.

2. Google calendar to see your Gmail account:

Google is providing the calendar to display your email inbox. If you have to meet other person and fix meeting or appointment than you can use this email secret.

3. Multiple accounts used at one Gmail:

If you can create more accounts than logged in to more than one Gmail account at the same time. There is no need to one account is logged than open another account.

4. To used hang out with your Gmail account:

If you can start the conversation with friends and another person then click hangout button in the lower left corner of an inbox. Click the name of a person to invite hangout and start the conversation.

5. Google to send large file and folder attachments:

Gmail allows to send file and folder in the specific range, but this time it allows the large size of file and folder to attach your Google drive.

Various Gmail Issues

Gmail is the best and biggest platform for conversation and advertising, but Gmail creates some issues and problem.This problem to generate on creating the account and after used Gmail account. Some of the issues are carried out:

1. Gmail account forget password issue

2. Problem create to open multiple Gmail account

3. Gmail loading issue

4. Gmail not working properly

5. Verification issue

6. Missing messages issue

7. Stop email send and receive

8. Hacked Gmail account

9. Sometimes not attach and upload file and folder.

10. Gmail chat issue

Who we provide

We are a professional third party with experts and Microsoft qualified technician available on site and remotely for troubleshooting. All basic and complicated Gmail issues that users encounter in daily with operating their accounts. From setting up your Gmail accounts, linking subsidiary accounts with the main server, linking security accounts, personalizing accounts for the client, activating the functions and settings.

Creating IMAP profiles to security maintenance through stringent history evaluation for login sessions, anti-hacking service, is our priority. Users can rely on the expertise of our technicians who have cleared our security clearance level to be able to offer remote help and on-site service all over the world.

Customer data security is our Priority

We understand that Gmail account data of clients is very important and confidential so we take extra efforts to make our service options most secure. We conduct that routinely evaluation for Gmail providing technicians with security clearance in the account. Which enables them to adhere to our privacy policy through which we protect any unauthorized use of client’s account or personal information.

We do not indulge in the selling of any information to use in case of built information of the client for reference when working on the issue and for keeping internal company records. Only after the security clearance is provided to technicians, are they get to begin direct troubleshooting service via access to clients’ accounts.