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How to manage multiple Gmail account on an Android device


Do you know how to manage multiple Gmail account to an Android device? It’s true, we can manage multiple Gmail account in the same device for the different-different purpose. We can use individual and multiple accounts it is not restricted.

Now at that time, many people use multiple Gmail account these days. It is a good idea to manage two or more separate account google uses the same login info for all their services. You could use one account for personal use and another one for official work. And you could use one Google account for your AdWords campaigns and you can login it at the secure location. And different account use at the internet cafe.

Gmail is a free email service provider developed by Google. Basically, the Gmail account is used for conversation purpose. When you create a Gmail account you are automatically provided with 15 GB of free email storage capacity. The user can access Gmail on the web for synchronizing email content through POP or IMAP protocols and the user can receive emails up to 50 megabytes with including attachments and send emails up to 25 megabytes. For sending large files the user can use Google Drive. For multiple purposes, Google’s mail servers automatically scan emails.

How to use the Gmail App on Android

Gmail app is found on almost all android device and only need to download it from the Google play store. After the installation process, you can open the Gmail app and continue the conversation. Gmails organizes email message using labels not folder because the label is more flexible than folders. These labels are on the left-hand side of the display. Gmail has numbers of default labels and the main ones are:

  • Inbox
  • Sent items
  • Deleted item and trash
  • Spam junk emails
  • Drafts

Gmail will automatically assign category labels to include promotions label, social label etc. the incoming email and place email into the appropriate category. For opening the Gmail app, you can double press on the Gmail app icon. The inbox primary category is taken automatically open on the Gmail app.

When we use the Gmail there are many Gmail icon is present on the left-hand side of the screen. The Gmail icons are

  • All inboxes button icon
  • Primary category button icon
  • Social category button icon
  • Promotions category button icon

How to add multiple Gmail accounts

Android OS was developed by Google and you will also find and install the Gmail app on Android device and it supports to create Gmail email account for further need. Every Android device has it own built-in email client that you can use download then you can edit emails messages, read and save online or offline also it is the asset feature of android version. If you are using Gmail, you can add not only one account rather than you can add multiple Gmail account on Android.

The steps are as listed below:

#1. Open your device screen: tap on app button (which is shown as the icon made of small squares) at bottom of right corner of your Android device’s home screen.

#2. Go to your setting option: on the app screen tap on the device’s settings then it will open the setting screen.

  • If you cannot see the setting icon on the first page of the screen, then you can swipe left or right (and up or down, depending on your Android model).

#3. Open account setting: when you arrive setting screen when you tap on account option to view all different accounts.

  • In the newer version of Android, you will find this option on the top right-hand area of the setting screen.

#4. Go for add another account: scroll down the list and go for the tap on the add account button. The list of account will show you can add select Google from the list.

#5. Go for add another Gmail: for the initial setup you may select new and for personalizing your account, enter your full name on the text field. You will fill and enter your Gmail account’s address in the address field. the mail address is like that “[email protected]” and then type your password on the text fields. Tap on the add account button to complete the setup process.

#6. Go to Gmail app icon: in your home page screen show an envelope with a letter M inside tap on that Gmail app icon. Your second Gmail account should be logged in and you will use that newly second Gmail account.

#7. For add 2 or more Gmail accounts: to add more Gmail accounts go to the Gmail app and repeat all the steps from 1 to 5 and try it better to make more than 3 Gmail account with your need. if you need to create only two accounts then go for it. And enjoy your next new Gmail account.

Hope you have been able to manage multiple Gmail account on an Android device. Thanks for visiting.

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