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Gmail not working – How to fix it?


Gmail is free web- based email service, which is used by so many peoples all over the world. It is very effective mode of communication with connect with friends, colleagues and family members. User easily send or received mail to one gmail address to another address. Gmail account is used for personal or professionals for sharing information.

But sometime User face Some problems with gmail like username or password in valid, password incorrect format, Gmail verification, not sending or receiving email, not longer file attachment issue, gmail Login problem and One of the most serious problems is Gmail not working.

Here we are describing some common issue when gmail not working and How we can fix:

1. Invalid Email address:

Sometimes user entered invalid email address like @_ and. number.


  • Make sure you entering the correct Email address or used and phone number.
  • This issues mostly occurs from the user side to type mistakes, sometime user miss the symbol like @,.etc so enter proper your details.

2.Invalid Password:

This problem occurs from users site make sure you’re entered correctly.


  • If you are facing ”incorrect password” so check your password. Whatever you entered in your password section.
  • And also check caps lock button on your keyboard.

3. Gmail won’t load:

Gmail does not load a fastly loading page Because this is the most common problem in Gmail account but it temporarily once you fix them you can do.


  • Check your internet connection:

Your network connection might be weak, crack or temporarily prohibiting all Gmail features from loading completely. Most of the time user using all features correctly.
Check your compatibility of internet browser:

  • Check your compatibility of internet browser:

Whenever you are facing this, first of all, check your browser is compatible or not. Sometimes we are using the    old version of the browser(Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, etc). And Update your browser latest version to fix the problems.

  • Check firewall and internet security :

Security application also responsible for this kind of problem and also playing an important role for Gmail work proper, like avg, Avira, quick heal etc, go to the setting and check all feature are enable or disabled properly and refresh again.

4. Temporary disabled Gmail lab:

Whenever Gmail lab creates the problem. Got to Gmail account setting and disable temporarily. And figure out which lab creating the problem.

5. Forgot Password:

Whenever user forgot his password follow these steps to gmail password recovery


 1: Go back Gmail sign up page.

 2: Enter your Gmail Id Or mobile number which one you entered creation time.

3: Click on “Forgot password”,

 4: Now appears a new window for Google account recovery and asking “Enter your last password if remember”. leave this and click “try another way”.

 5: After that, showing new windows for recovery account. Ask for sending a verification code to your mobile or recovery email. Click which one you want mobile or Email.

6: Fill the verification code and click next button.

 7: After that, create your new strong password and click “change password”.

 8: Final steps click on “continue to Gmail”.

6. 2-step verification:

Two-step verification is one of the best technique to secure your account. And it helps to protect the account from an unauthorized user. Set two-steps make your account stronger adding a second layer of security requiring your password along with the verification code. But sometimes it’s not working properly.


First, check if you are proper in a rage of Google if you are not in rage for receiving Gmail code or don’t have signal on your cell phone. All these are the problem for not connecting your Gmail.

Use Google authenticate app, then download the app and install in your System and asked how to verify your account. Very simple with QR code. Go back 2-step verification page and go down authenticate app click on that and follow steps to scan your QR code.

Once it’s done you will get the code in the app. Enter code in the verification box on your PC. And it will link your phone to your Gmail account. You will use authorized app rather than SMS code.

7. Nuclear option:

This is the small thing but sometime will generate the problem so reset your device setting and back it again. The best of Google account, it stores everything in one location like video, audio, picture, file, etc. All that stored on Google servers.

One more option to wipe out everything and bring it back. It is nuclear but easy.

Go to your device setting and > Account>Google select on the account which one wants to remove. Click on ellipse button in the upper right and choose to remove option.

8. Sync issue:

Gmail can fail sync for a lot of reasons. And sync failure can disclose itself in a number of ways send and receiving emails and receives an error “account not sync”. or the app might be slow.


  • Update the Gmail app
  • Restart your device.
  • Verify your connectivity.
  • Check your Gmail settings.
  • Clear your Gmail app data.

If you have any problem of any above steps and you can’t understand how to fix it. Then you have to contact Gmail support team. Gmail technical experts listen your problem and provide best solution for your issues within a moment. Again your gmail account will work properly without ant pitfalls. Might be sure that you will be Happy after take the service and getting best solution.


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