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“Login issues in Gmail” and several other Email services are frequently reported. The main service providers keep working to manage the login issues and keep them at low by using safe and advanced login and security features. Problems encountered while trying to access Gmail can be fixed with no delays quite easily. Here is a simple collection of related issues and relevant solutions.

Common Gmail Sign in Problems and their solutions

“Forgotten-lost password”

Losing or forgetting password is treated equally by Gmail and has a troubleshooting protocol for Password reset available. Password can be reset from login page (need help/forgot password link) process options by finishing user verification through the code system.

“Forgotten-lost Email Address”

This issue can also be resolved by using Email account identification protocol from login page options. It will require the user to answer some questions that relevant to identifying the account.

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“Account hacked”

This also works like a lost password and the same process of Account Recovery or password recovery can be used as both of these need completed verification by the user. The verification process will be sufficient to get access to the account since it authenticates the user’s identity.

“Gmail asking for verification code even after using right password”

This scenario happens when the user has initiated a 2 step verification process by linking their phone number with the Gmail account. So, with each differnet computer used to access the account, Gmail will develop a random code and deliver it on the phone number through text. Without entering this code, user won’t be allowed to access account. It is done to prevent hacking related Gmail login problem as it fortifies the security by adding another layer of locking after password. If one user a computer frequently and personally then it can be listed as a saved device to avoid the code hassle every time account is logged into.

“Page stating add phone number appearing right after logging in”

This appears when user doesn’t have account-password recovery details linked yet. This is basically a reminder for adding a recovery phone number or email to Gmail so in case of a login or security hassle, recovery options can be used to gain access again.

“Gmail page stating time out”

This really doesn’t count as Gmail not login issue but often users mistake it as one. When the page is showing a time out message, it means, it is time to check the internet connect again. Cleaning the cookies and temp files will also help in speeding up the connection and velocity of Web Pages.

Most of the Common Sign In Problems, the recovery protocols list from the login page work. All of them need the verification to be completed which is quite basic to operate and advanced at protecting account security.

Users can work it out by linking phone number or a personal Email id since verification will require either of these to send a code.

With updated security options in Gmail, users will never face a hacking threat. All it needs is simple maintenance of recovery and login details.Call our technician for free from “Gmail Login Problem”