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How to Customize Swipes in Gmail for Android App?

How to customize swipes in Gmail for Android app?

Few weeks ago, Google launched a bunch of new feature with latest updates for Gmail’s Android. Here in this article we will talk about the latest updates as well as how to customize swipes in Gmail for Android app.

Exactly why we used a swipe in Gmail and how they work?

Swiping is used for archive an email in your inbox no matter what. That is useful and the swipe gestures can really help you to clear your inbox as so long as their action fit with your work. Swipe gesture has two specific type and the first one is a right swipe and the second one is left swipe. Both swipe work for archiving the emails if you don’t want that message to stay and show in inbox then you can archive that message and this will show you in “all mail” box.

Normally, the Gmail swipe is not most customizable in the world, but it is useful and you have more options to make it perfect use in android version. But unfortunately, the customization option is recently not come to IOS version yet.

What happens when you tried to swipe on a message from your inbox with right or left direction?

When we tried to customize swipe on a message it will be archived it means the message is hidden from your inbox view. Archiving let tidy up your inbox by moving the message from your inbox into your all mail label.

How to customize swipes in Gmail for Android app:

Firstly you go for customizing you will be needed for the tap on the hamburger icon (the three lines stacked on the top of each other) which stays on the top left side of the display and scroll down to the setting. Go through the bottom of the page menu then if you have set up for your inbox.

1 step: Firstly you need to tap “setting option”.

2 step: You will tap “general setting” and you should select “swipe action” is used for swiping gesture then after you will be used easily to swipe.

  • By default, the swipe action will show two swipe one is the “Right swipe” and the second one is the “Left swipe” you can go for it. It works same for archives.

3 step: Go for tap “right or left swipe box, then you can customize easily and do something for next.

  • When you tap for swipe, the page is shown with the name of “use right swipe for” with full of an option then you can choose what you want.

There are 6 option appears as shown below:

  1. Archive
  2. Delete
  3. Make as read/unread
  4. Move to
  5. Snooze
  6. None

You may go now with that option.

  • Archives message are hidden from the inbox and stored in the all-mail file.
  • When you permanently delete the message I will recommend you, then you can choose on delete option.
  • When you do double swipe (for right or left) then you can archive a message automatically


This swiping activity is helpful for ignoring the unwanted message when you want to hide from the inbox and it will be stored in all mail collection as if they do not see easily. You will be tried and this steps will help you for customizing swipe in Gmail for Android app. I hope this will help you better and continue for the swipe.

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