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According to Alexa rankings, Google is a most popular and visited website which fulfill the searcher or user intent. Google has itself a very vast and heavy collection of information. There are number of ways through which users crucial information can be leaked or stolen. That’s why google provide a…

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Gmail not working

You all have a good chance, whenever your Gmail not working you can fix the Gmail issues in all in one — Do you want to know how to overcome this problem? let’s have a look at how all done. Firstly, Gmail is one of the most popular webmail and…

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high priority notification

Currently a few days ago, the latest update news is viral that is iOS gets- (AI-Based) high priority notification on Gmail app. Google has introduced a new feature for iOS on your Gmail app. We know very well Google always launch latest updated feature for iOS and Android users towards…

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Google-Pay-on -iOS

Good news for iOS user, Google launch the latest updates for iOS, they decide to dedicate Gmail app for iOS version getting to introduce with two best new features. The two best new features are that Google pay integration and the second one is a snooze button for snoozing messages….

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change gmail password

Do you know how to change Gmail password? And why it is necessary when we have already set up a password? Here is the best way to know how to do it. And we tried to best for you know that so just read patience fully. You want to change your…

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How to customize swipes in Gmail for Android app?

More than people trapped on that own question customize swipes means what? And how to Customize Swipes in Gmail for Android App? There is no difficulty in using. Let talk about Google update because this feature comes from Google. Google launched a new feature for Gmail, now you can use an Android…

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